Pre and post instructions

The Do's and Don'ts


  • Exfoliate entire body with a oil free exfoliant 

  • Shave 

  • If getting a pedicure please do this the day prior to your appointment 

  • Remove make up and deodorant 

  • Do not apply moisturizers to skin after exfoliating 

  • Bring dark loose fitting clothing for after 



  • Leave your  tan on for at least 6-8 hours .this allows your tan to develop

  • Avoid applying moisturizers or deodorant for at least 5 hours after the tan.

  • Avoid wearing tight clothes for 3 hours 

  • All swimming and exercise must be avoided until tan has been developed and washed off . 

  • Do not shave for 12 hours after your spray tan session

  • Maintaining The Tan 

  • Pat dry your skin after shower and bath 

  • Stay hydrated 

  • Mositrize with recommended products and tan extenders 


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