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Show Tans

Fitness Competitors

 Make sure you walk out as the best version of yourself with the best deep rich tan possible. We will even come to the show with you to make sure you are touched up and flawless for the stage.

Stay show ready
we will come to you!!

Our three step process.

Base coat 

Second coat 


With rules, regulations and different products to choose from we are confident we can choose the color that is best for you. Not all competition spray tans are created equally. When planning to compete, SK extreme  suggests that spray tanning be done in series listed above prior to, and on the day of the event. In doing so the spray tan will give your muscles maximum definition. This will also ensure that your color will match requirements.

Bikini Competition Tanning

Spray tanning is one of the most important parts of your competition preparations. We know this and that why we try to make the process and convenient as possible . It is crucial to have a flawless competition quality tan. The perfect tan can go a long way and is a considered factor by the judges! Don't risk first place with a unprofessional show tan. Call SK extreme the Piedmont triad's primer spray tanning for Bodybuilders, Fitness, Bikini and Figure competitions.

Cropped photo Fitness bikini model well
Cropped photo Fitness bikini model well